VANTED stands for Visualization and Analysis of Networks containing Experimental Data.

This system makes it possible to load and edit graphs, which may represent biological pathways or functional hierarchies. It is possible to map experimental datasets onto the graph elements and visualize time series data or data of different genotypes or environmental conditions in the context of a the underlying biological processes. Built-in statistic functions allow a fast evaluation of the data (e.g. t-Test or correlation analysis). A demo session (video and screenshot list) is available from the Tutorials section, which additionally contains example pathways and measurement datasets.


Critical issue with Java Runtime 6 Update 45 32-bit and Java Runtime 7 Update 21 32-bit

There seems to be a critical issue with the Java Runtime 6 Update 45 32-bit and the Java Runtime 7 Update 21 32-bit.
It can happen that VANTED crashes without any error message. The issue could be reproduced after a user report indicating that there is a problem with the Java Runtimes mentioned.
The issue could not be reproduced with the 64-bit versions or older versions of the Java Runtimes.

VANTED v2.1.0 release (07/08/2012)

VANTED v2.1.0 was released today. Changes are listed below: Please download and install the new version. Feel free to comment or report any bugs to further improve the tool.

VANTED v2.01 release (30/11/2011)

VANTED v2.01 was released today. There are just minor changes:
  • bug fixes
  • support for Java 7 added (known issue: the Look and Feel type Nimbus doesn't work on Windows 7 with Java 7 Update 1)

We proudly announce the release of VANTED v2.0 (18/07/2011)

It was strongly revised in the last year and has been improved in various aspects. Most important changes are:
  • reorganised and optimised GUI for easy access of functions
  • improved internal data handling to speed up data loading and to reduce memory consumption
  • code clean up
  • added support for new data input and output formats (ppt, metatool, excel2007...)
  • and many more
Please download and install the new version. Feel free to comment or report any bugs to further improve the tool.

Kegg issues

The availability of KEGG services may be restricted at the moment depending on your academic subscription license as announced in:
At the moment the KEGG FTP access is likely not to work, but it is still possible to manually download some files (such as KGML files) from the KEGG homepage and import them into VANTED:
  • Go to http://www.genome.jp/kegg/pathway.html
  • Select the desired pathway from the list (scroll down to view the complete list)
  • Choose your model species or the reference pathway and press "Download KGML" in the top menu and save the pathway
  • Open the pathway in VANTED.
Please do not send further bug reports regarding this issue. We will keep you informed on further developments.

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